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Pittsburgh Demographic Information

Data Updated on: January 1st 2018
Type: Public
Enrollment: 28,617
Affiliation: None
Coed: 48% (Male) : 52% (Female)
Students: 94% (Full Time) : 8% (Part Time)
Campus size: Large
Housing Capacity: 7,200
Setting: Suburban
City: Pittsburgh
Size: Large City, greater than 250,000 pop
Closest Major City: Pittsburgh
Major Airport: -

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Pittsburgh Academic Information

Faculty Size: 0
Gender Composition: 0% (Male) : 0% (Female)
Student to Faculty Ratio: N/A
Academic Calendar: Semester
Accreditation: The University of Pittsburgh is institutionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
Commission on Higher Education.
Degrees Available: Certificate (41), Diploma (2), Associate (0), Bachelors (113), Masters (124), Doctorate (104)

Pittsburgh Admission Information

Average GPA: N/A
Average SAT: 1,895
Average ACT: 28
Admissions Contact: Betsy Porter
Phone #: 724-836-9880
Fax #: 412-648-8815

Pittsburgh Financial Information

Instate Tuition: $17,772
Out of State Tuition: $900
Room: $7,036
Board: $4,500